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While the Capt’s away – the men must pray!!

August 8, 2012

It’s 7pm on Thursday night the location is Ballarat and it’s very cold; for our church it is the time designated to come  together for corporate prayer. We have so many things to petition God about. In particular there are two young German infants who are fighting for their lives that need our prayers. In fact this week is typical of every week, we have so many ongoing things to petition God about and the need to also thank God for His provision and grace is the same as ever.

The only notable difference this week is, the Pastor and a Deacon are away at conference.

So with some of the leadership of the Church absent this would be an excellent opportunity for the mature spiritual Christian’s of the church to rise up and display those qualities; that the next generation of potential leaders should be practicing now – so that when God looks for the faithful to carry out His glorious work there will be believers ready, equipped and experienced.

The Australian Army has a saying Train Hard and Fight Easy. This means if you do the hard work during training when the time comes to fight it will be easier because you have put the work in already.

The Australian Army has a reputation of producing among the finest caliber of infantry in the world. There are many many examples of Australian soldiers being faithful to the task beyond what is considered reasonable by the enemies of the particular time. In WW1 Australian’s were the shock troops of the Allies and held over 30% of the front for extended periods – a task entrusted to one of smallest nations in the Commonwealth. In WW2 it was the Australian Militia that first defeated the Imperial Japanese Army in Battle on the Kokoda track. General Rommel ruefully commented to Hitler that if he had 2 Divisions of Australian’s he would conquer the world for him. In Vietnam a platoon of 12 Australian soldiers at the Battle of Long Tan defeated a force of over 2000 Viet Cong. Currently in Afghanistan the region controlled by the Australian contingent of ISAF is the safest in the country because the Taliban has largely been negated. Australia’s soldiers are professional and dedicated to the task and they are respected and feared around the world.

Christians are freed slaves bought into God’s army by the Righteous sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, we are not our own but the purchase of Jesus Christ. We are saved by unmerited grace through faith in Jesus Christ. We have been given the greatest gift of all – eternal life in Heaven with God.

How many of us understand the responsibility we have to serve our God as first class soldiers? We are given so much by God in-order that we may serve Him and be commended in the day of His glorious return. We are equipped with the absolute best in our spiritual equipment but are we competent to use our spiritual equipment?

Are we training hard in the spirit; pressing in diligently in prayer, the study of scripture and Holy living? When the time comes to fight the good fight, will we be fighting easy because we have trained hard and are ready for the battle? Will we be willing to go beyond what our enemy Satan considers reasonable in order to obtain our Lord’s commendation?

Or will we decide to train easy, make excuses, feed the flesh and starve the spirit? And when the testing of the battle arrives be overwhelmed and brought to shame.

If you are a believer then all these questions will be answered in due time…BUT it must be remembered that we individually determine what kind of soldier we are.

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