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Church Bookstore Opens

March 27, 2012

Our new church bookstore has opened. There will be a range of bibles, reference, teen and childrens books as well as calenders and gifts available. All profits will go to support our missionaries.

This is an exciting development in the church’s history and it is hoped that this can grow to become a fruitful source of funds to suport our church’s mission contribution. Please support it as much as you are able. The store is opened to the public but it is currently restricted to Sunday mornings before and after church. In time and as resources and priorities permit we may look at expanding this

We are currently in the process of opening a specific account for the bookstore, at which time we will be able to offer Paypal as a payment method if you have no cash on hand. In the next month or so we will also support layby’s as well as an invoice option. It is also possible to purchase a giftcard for someone else to spend in the store.

Please speak to Geraldine or Troy for any futher enquiries.

There is a new page up on the website to promote the store and it also contains a sample of some of the books currently in stock, so feel free to have a browse

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