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Helmet of Salvation – July 9th, 2011

July 14, 2011

Dear All

Last Sat afternoon, July 9th, 2011 I was joined by a friend and Mr Kozo. A cold wind meancingly greeted us as we emerged from Bakery Hill McDonalds, embarking upon another afternoon of bringing the gospel to the streets of Ballarat.

Not to be deterred we marched staunchly up to Bridge Mall and set about the task at hand, distributing tracts and Smart Cards (are you a good person holograms) to those brave enough to venture out into the elements.

As people hurried by we would manouver into a position from which we could place a gospel message into their hands. It was not looking promising for many one on one conversations as there were very few people idling around.

A couple of highlights
1. A group of Islanders I approached, two men, two women, gladly took a smart card / good person test. They appeared intrigued and one of the women asked how much they had to pay, to which I replied they were “free”. They walked away holding their thumbs on the hologram to see if it would turn green afyer 15 secs (indicating they are a good person), unfortunately the hologram never turns green. BAd news but good news if they receive the gospel.

2. Mr Kozo approached a ggroup of young adults with the cards and handed out 7 or 8 in one go as they all wanted one

Still no one on ones though, a little jilted we headed back toward McDonalds, but continuing to trust the Lord would be faithful. As we neared our destination we stopped and waited. After a few minutes a young man approached holding a motorbike helmet. I proceeded to put a smart card in his hand and due to his curiosity managed to engage him in a conversation. His name was Daniel and he was around 23. Challenged with the hologram not turning green I asked him whether he thought he was nevertheless a good person, to which he replied he was, he had never murdered and committed armed robbery.

We then proceeded to examine the standard by which we should assess whether someone can be considered good, the Ten Commandments.

Me: Daniel how many lies have you told?
Daniel: Ahh, too many to remember
Me: What do you call someone who tells lies?
Daniel : A liar
Me: Have you taken anything that doesn’t belong to you, irrespective of value?
Daniel: Yes
Me: What would you call someone who does this?
Daniel: A thief
Me: Have you looked at a women and had inappropriate thoughts?
Daniel: All the time

Me: Daniel, Jesus called that adultery of the heart, he who looks at a women to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

So Daniel if you were to face a perfect and Holy God whose standard of goodness is that you keep these moral laws, you would stand before him and by your own admission, present yourself as a lying, thieving adulterer at heart, do you think God would let you into heaven?

Daniel : No, I’d go to hell
Me: So you’d be in big trouble wouldn’t you
Daniel: Yes

I then took Daniel through what Christ had done on the cross as his substitute to take the penalty for his sin while he was considered an enemy of God. That if Daniel was to stand before God right now he would be guilty as charged but because of the shed blood of Christ, the perfect and spotless lamb, God could dismiss his case in the heavenly courtroom and allow him into heaven, not because of anything good in him but because of the imputed righteousness of Christ given to him if he confessed his sin, repented and put his trust in the saviour..

I managed to get some more reading material to Daniel and discovered his parents attend a church but he had never been with them before nor had he heard this amazing news from them. He left with a promise that he was now going to attend church with his parents and that he would read the materials he had been given and to do what it said at the end of the writing (to repent and put his trust in Christ).

Folks, how amazing is it that a young man can be in a home whose parents go to a church but never have had the gospel message presented to him. It doesn’t matter how you do it but do not shy away from the grave responsibility to make sure your children clearly know the gospel message, know who they are in God’s eyes and what they must do to be saved.

Please keep Daniel in your prayers, that the Lord will draw him and that Daniel will respond by repenting and putting his trust in Jesus. Thank you and see you again next week

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  1. steve permalink
    July 24, 2011 9:18 PM

    wow, this guy Troy sounds very very right wing beliefs and very similar to nowegian guy

  2. August 2, 2011 11:37 PM

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Please see a comprehensive reply to your assertions in the separate posting dealing with this issue –

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