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Gold Strike – Evangelism Update – July 2nd, 2011

July 4, 2011

A friend and I set out from McDonalds Bakery Hill at about 3:15pm on a blustery Saturday afternoon, cold but some sunshine ambled down from between the clouds.

Heading straight for Bridge Mall we started handing out tracts, some IQ Test Cards with a gospel message on the back as well as some “Sure bet” tracts made to look like some cards from a card deck with a gospel message themed around gambling with your eternal future. Let me tell you folks, so many in Ballarat are playing a high stakes game with where they will spend eternity. Unlike the gambling man who has a small odd of success, in their current state, these people have only one outcome of their wager, and it is not heaven.

With the cold and windy conditions, handing out tracts wasn’t too bad but one on one conversations where as hard to come by as finding golden fleece on a sheeps back. However we kept pushing and finally struck some gold. A young man braved the pedestrian crossing in the middle of Bridge Mall straight into our path. Nick handed out a tract from his card deck and I took out a “Good person test” and challenged the young man as to whether he was a good person. Thus started a 20 minute one on one encounter wuith James, a 17 year old student from Ballarat still attending hgh school

James had a fairly good opinion of himself, however as we took him through the moral law conviction started to set in, on acknowledging he was a liar James blushed quite a bright shade of red as the full force of the law contradicted his claim to goodness, and so it continued as we went through “stealing” and “lust / adultery”.

James admitted he was in real trouble if he had to face God that night.

We then presented the incredible news of God’s grace in providing a perfect substitue to stand in James place and take the full punishment for his sin, so that his case is able to be dismissed from the heavenly courtroom if James would only put his trust in Jesus and repent of his sins.

We took him through the goodness of God’s character and that his goodness demanded he judges sin or else Gos is corrupt. We used the analogy of a plane about to crash and should he be offered a choice between a million dollars and a parachute – which would he take? He agreed the money was pointless, he would choose what could save him.

We pointed out that Jesus offer of salvation was the same. That James was in a plane that was going to crash, the destination being hell and all the things the world has to offer would not save him, only by putting on the Lord Jesus Christ and putting complete trust in Him to save him from the consequences of sin (just as the parachute saves from the consequences of gravity once someone exits the plane) could he be saved. That he needed to repent and turn from His sin

he was then given some further tracts (scientific facts in the bible and a New Testament). His parting words were that we had given him a lot to think about.

Please pray for James, that he would read the bible and tracts we gave him and put his trust in Jesus to save him

Watch out for next weeks update from the streets of Ballarat

Troy Geri

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