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The enemy’s counter attack successfully resisted.

April 29, 2011

Sit – Rep Update from the Battle for Clunes.

Gentlemen we face a crafty and cunning opponent in our battle for the prisoner’s of war in Clunes. Because of the field deployment of our ultimate weapon, which of course is prayer. The enemy was unable to resist us directly. The enemy instead chose to counter attack with indirect peripheral attacks that were designed to distract, confuse and discourage those involved with deploying the prayer cover. In the same way that Satan cannot directly attack God but instead chooses to attack those who God loves as a way of hurting God. He employed the same tactics with me and others in the church who were involved with the battle to liberate Clunes.

Enemy Tactics Evaluation.

Firstly my sleep was attacked with four nights of sleeplessness. I believe this was intended to keep my from rising early and seeking daily the face God, in short he attacked the physical weakness of the flesh. The next phase of the attack was the intimidation and harassment by one of  Satan’s resident “dog’s bodies” of a close sister in Christ. A mentally disturbed man began to resume his harassment and stalking of my sister in Christ. The attack was three fold in it’s attempt to cause damage. First it was to force me to take matters into my own hand’s so as not to be in Clunes physically. Secondly the attack was designed to rob me of the peace that surpasses all understanding and make me doubt in God’s protection and provision. Thirdly it was to place the seeds of anger and vengeance in my heart and with this sin in my heart, make my prayer’s ineffective in reaching the Lord. There was only one solution to this crisis and that was to take it before the Lord in prayer and put it in His care. And God as always was faithful in dealing with the attack. The other method the enemy used to attack was to attack my means of transport, thank you to my brother Troy who promptly turned up with jumper leads.

My brother Troy’s prayer life was also attacked via the infirmities of life. But Troy fought his way through this and was faithful in his prayer life.

Also thank you to the anonymous Saint who took care of one of my material needs with a most generous act of sacrifice, I won’t mention names, you know who you are sir. I pray that God blesses you for your tender heart and great gift. I salute you and am indebted to you.

Every prong of the enemies attack was nullified and stopped dead by the Lord and the Saints under His command.

On Wednesday night after the Church prayer meeting I was long overdue at the caravan park, but when I finally did arrive, I immediately had to apologize to a new friend that I was over 1 hour late in my promise to sit down and have a talk about God. But as things go I believe that hour was trivial in comparison to what God did in my new friend’s heart as we discussed all things spiritual.

My friend, if you read this, I sincerely believe that God has his Hand on your life, you just need to humble yourself before His Holy Throne, repent of your self reliance and put your trust in Jesus. In short fully surrender your life into His eternal care. Do this and he will make you a living Testament of His great goodness and mercy, and that is the very best a Saint can hope for in this life. You are in life an old soldier and I know that God can use you mightily in order to rescue other prisoners of war that Satan has in his grip. You understand and have the qualities of a sense duty, responsibility, sacrifice, courage and steadfastness. You just have to enlist into the Lord’s army first.

Men we need to pray for Fred, Glen and his family, Troy and Graeme for their eternal salvation.  I have the conviction that it is this group of men that God has chosen and wants to use as the Gospel guerrilla force that takes Clune’s from the enemy.

Gentlemen it is our responsibility to pray for these men and also to meet their spiritual and also according to our means their physical needs.

Balaam’s Donkey signing out – more battle sit-reps to follow.

You know what we must do, acquit yourselves faithful.

For the Glory of God!!!!!


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