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Gentlemen, our objective is to take Clunes from the enemy….

April 27, 2011


Clunes is a very small town about 30km to the north west of Ballarat. It is a town that has traditionally struggled since its peak during the gold rush in the area ended about a 100 years ago. During the gold rush Clunes once boasted a church with a congregation of 800 people now the town has less people in total and no Gospel active church in the town. Everywhere you look the down is in the process of being run down. The only centers of prosperity are the pub which does a roaring trade (Satan would have it no other way) and the handful of essential businesses. The town’s people are gripped by apathy towards the Gospel and nearly every house has some form of eastern mysticism displayed such as buddhas, tibetan flags and other types of  ‘magic’ charms. Substance abuse is also a common trait. Satan has a tight grip on his prisoners.


But I believe the time has come to liberate them, because of the following circumstance that may work in our favor.


Over the last 18 months Clunes has been flooded 4 times, the governing bodies have been completely inept at first preventing the flooding and also at meeting the needs of the people who were impacted (some for the fourth time) by the floods. The media have long forgotten the story and the towns people are bitter about that fact.

So two weeks ago we sent care packs into the town, which consisted of daily essentials like tea, coffee, milk and a Bible. We went in and the packs received gratefully, we consoled the town’s people with the promise that we had not forgotten them and that we would continue to pray and do what we can to meet their needs.

We then followed that up with a movie night in the town hall in order to support the flood victims with a pleasant night out at the movies. About a dozen of the towns people responded and we had good night. The Clunes town hall is really something to behold  and is worth a trip to the town to visit.

The faithful “dirty dozen” from my church also helped with the logistics of putting on the movie night. I am truly grateful for these brethren. Particularly encouraging was the work ethic of the newer members of the congregation with regard to evangelism! These are all good people to have at your back when you bring the Gospel to a new city.

Mission Brief.

The Brass has decided to infiltrate the caravan park with an agent in order to win over the residents and form them into a Gospel Guerrilla Force in order to liberate the town from Satan’s grip. This agent is completely expendable and quite frankly possibly a little mentally unstable. His special skills are the ability to talk about Jesus even when he is under water and his close resemblance to the other residents of the caravan park will help him hit the ground running. He is to be resupplied daily with visits from brothers and sisters from the church, who will also build bonds of friendship with the residents of the caravan park.

Also this whole mission will be covered from the air with prayer, in fact the whole mission will be soaked with continual around the clock prayer cover, we have the ultimate advantage in our right to call upon the Lord and we must use every advantage. This aspect of the mission is the most critical because we are not fighting flesh and blood, but demonic spiritual powers and authorities who are in terms of power superior to each of us individually but at the same time infinitely inferior to the Lord, who answers our prayers.

Make no misunderstanding if we fail to pray – we will fail.

Gentlemen you know your jobs, acquit yourselves faithful.

Any questions?


For the Glory God!!!


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