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Another fruity Thursday……………

April 18, 2011

It is school holidays in Victoria and in Ballarat that means children in their early to mid teens are wandering the city streets. It is a very sad state of affairs but an accurate measure of the sinfulness of the society we live in. So it was natural when the Heritage Baptist’s small band of evangelists hit the streets we would encounter a few young children.

The team this week was the ever faithful Peter, Nick the newcomer and myself.

This week was a little different for me personally. I had made some changes in my life in order to facilitate a more intimate relationship with the Lord and stop the dryness that was creeping into my walk with God. In the recent past I had struggled maintaining a healthy prayer life, because when I tried to pray at home I was constantly distracted by the many shiny things around my home and so I found it hard to focus on God.
I live alone and human nature being what it is and because I was already struggling with meaningful prayer, now I also started to struggle setting aside time for regular prayer. So I decided to talk with my Pastor, confess my struggles and make myself accountable by having my morning prayer in the church and offering to be there for anyone who wanted to pray at the same time also.

I truly love my God but I also know that love must continue to grow in-order to please Jesus.

Because I was again praying as God intended – Satan could no longer use my previous short comings in this area of prayer to sow doubt and apprehension into my evangelism efforts. I had a clear conscience and was eager to share the Gospel with someone, anyone in fact. I felt fresh, invigorated and courageous.

Sharing the Gospel two teenage boys.

I often use an offer of $20 to anyone who can prove to me they are a good person as a way to engage a person with the Gospel and these two boys were at first eager to take my money because they truly believed that they were good, but after a walk through the artillery range of the Ten Commandments they were left shell shocked and had been humbled. They had been stripped of their delusion of righteousness. In fact one of the young men looked positively relieved when I shared the good news of the cross with him, especially after he had admitted that he understood he deserved Hell for breaking God’s laws.

Side note – 3 days later the two boys walked past the sushi shop I was in and as soon as we saw each other we gave each other a nod of greeting. But presumably as the boys recalled the Gospel they both slumped at the shoulders and put their heads down as they walked past in what seemed like conviction. It would seem that the Holy Spirit was at work! Bless the Lord

Two more teenage boys aged 16.

Same method same Gospel same result. What bothered me was that one of these boys had attended a Christian College in Geelong but had not even the vaguest idea about what the Gospel was before that night.

A mixed group of teens aged 15-16.

Same method same Gospel similar result. The group again showed contrition and conviction, but there was one young girl whose attitude made me shudder. As I took the group through the ten commandments when I asked if any of them had looked at another person and had inappropriate sexual thoughts about them; with the intent of showing them that Jesus proclaimed, that an impure thought life in God’s eyes is just as if they had physically committed adultery. The young girl made the statement without a hint of modesty, but rather defiantly and somewhat aggressively that she was thinking those thoughts right now. I couldn’t maintain eye contact after she said that but she stared on defiantly.

I can’t imagine what kind of exposure to sin had turned what should have been a innocent child into a such a brazen and sexual predator. This is the second time this has happened and I wonder what is happening to our youth.

Even as I ponder this state of the world’s youth I also know that the Gospel can restore anyone and so God willing – we will go out next Thursday again with what the world most desperately needs…………..the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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