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Evangelism Update – March 20th 2011

April 6, 2011

Street Evangelism Update – March 17th, 2011
Last Thursday evening (March 17th) we ventured out into the streets of Ballarat, our mission, to locate the lost and bring the gospel to those who so desperately need to hear it. We were able to distribute many tracts as well as engage in a twenty minutte conversation with Nick, a young Indian student, details below

Conversation – Young Indian StudentNick was in Ballarat visiting his mother, we bumped into him along Sturt Street and offered him a million dollar tract which he accepted. Initially reluctant to engage in conversation we were able to continue speaking with him and he began to open up, sharing with us that he had just completed an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering and was about to start a PHD in communications. He also shared his love of music, having palyed piano and violin up to grade six but putting it on hold to pursue his studies. This created a wonderful opportunity for us to steer the conversation tot he spiritual and to present to Him with a God who is not only passionately interested in hm but in fact so interested that He took on the flesh of man, lived a perfect life and took Nick’s sin upon himself, dying in his place while still considered an enemy of God.

We used the law of God to examine his personal standing before a holy and righteous God and this brought about much conviction.

We callenged him to consider the amount of time he invests in pursuits that are only temporal, and how much more time should he spend examining the claims of Jesus to whom his response could affect his eternal existence and how he would spend it. The point was well received and the discussion finished on a very positive note with this young man challenged to explore the claims of Jesus and to consider not only His response but that indeed a response is required, to do nothing is as much a rejection of Jesus than a spoken one. We managed to get a new testament into his hands (Thnks to Nick who had brought one with him), as well as some aditional gospel tracts. Please pray for the conviction of the Holy Spirit and salvation for Nick as God works on his heart

Posted by Troy Geri – March 20th, 2011

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